Origins of Graceinvader title

Buckle Street – by Oliver O’Donovan

High where the valley’s edge gave a line to the
Old road that bore Rome’s rulers and warriors
Along the wild hill-spine, and steered them
Down to the plains and th ways of Judgement,

There flows a stream now, bedded in rubble and
Unnaturally suspended above the banks
Of ancient plunging woodland, calmly
Waterin genial upland pasture.

So Grace, the invader, scornful of gravity,
Follows the traces left by our interdicts,
Scoops out from hard-core legal strictures
Runnels of kindly communication


2 thoughts on “Origins of Graceinvader title

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Chris… yes, that little "space invader" ref is me paying homage to my ’70-80’s Childhood. Before Wii, "space invaders" was!

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