Church Outside the Middle (pt1) intro

I’m not sure exactly what to call those who don’t identify as middle class. Jobs that were traditionally considered “Blue Collar” & “Working Class” are now equally the domain of the Middle Class. Plumbers are often as middle class as accountants are. Some have suggested that the new “Working Class” are the Welfare class, or Workers dependent on government housing, or newly arrived migrants. I’m not sure which are the best demographic terms & categories, but I know there are many “outside the middle” who are not in Sydney Anglican curches.

I’ve recently begun reading Tim Chester’s Book “Unreached:Growing Churches in Working-Class and Deprived Areas”. It is not an especially theological book. It does not specifically lay out a “biblical case” for any particular model for ministry. However, as I’ve read it, it has begun to help me think more coherently about some of the ways my ministry practices have intuitively changed since making Fairfield home… a neighbourhood and city with many people who don’t  neatly fit into the mould of the “middle class”.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to try and process some of the thoughts and observations from Tim Chester’s book that I found most crystalising formy own thought.

Find Tim’s book here:


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